Top Three Simple Video Slot Games to Play

Fun at Home: Top Three Simple Video Slot Games to Play

Video slot games are quite famous for many. It is the most comfortable and most accessible online casino game to play. It is suitable for you, your friends, and your family. All you need is match similar images and voila! You won the game.

What people do not know is it has different types. Some may be harder than others. If you are looking for simple slot games to enjoy at home, you came to the right spot.

Types of Video Slot Games

There are four types of slot machines. Free slots are perfect for beginners, and it does not require risking money. Vegas slots are popular, among others. It has the same graphics and rules as Vegas casinos. Real money slots are where you can profit. You can start with a penny until you hit that jackpot. Progressive slots involve rankings. You accumulate your winnings until you win the prize.

Relax! We will now share with you our recommended slot games at home.

#1. Starburst

Video Slot Games starburst

This game is the most popular slot game to date. It has bright and colorful graphics with an intergalactic feature. If you search any online casinos, they will never miss mentioning this one. It is a game produced by NetEnt.

It is fun, and it is not difficult to play. You can bet up to ten lines, and it has five reels. All you need is to put your maximum bet and use your spins. Each time similar logos appear on your screen, you win a prize. There is an autoplay option, too, if you find it confusing at first. It reads horizontal, diagonal, and vertical matches. Surprising bonuses appear on the wheels, also!

#2. Family Guy

Video Slot Games family guy

This game is under IGT company. Its inspiration came from the famous cartoon sitcom Family Guy. If you have not watched it, maybe its time you do. Most of the themes in this game came from the TV series. You win a higher amount if all six characters cross the 30 paylines.

The game is not complete with its amazing bonuses. Family Guy logo may appear on the reels, and if you get a straight line, you will get 500 coins. Other gifts come from the Chicken Clam, World Bonus, and Chicken Fight. Let your kids do the spinning and collect all your winnings.

Indeed, Family Guy is a game for the family. Enjoy this game during the weekends.

#3. King Kong Fury

Video Slot Games king kong fury

Who does not know King Kong? This 90s movie had a remake in 2005 and 2019. Your kids surely know the giant gorilla with the monstrous dinosaur.

The game features an autoplay button that you can enjoy up to 100 spins. The graphic, sound effect, and the jackpot amount make the whole experience worthwhile.

While some criticize the game because of its limited bonus rounds, high rewards are waiting for its players. Its features are a bit challenging, too, compared to the games above. Nevertheless, the thrilling experience will keep you satisfied.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of video slot games out there that you can enjoy with your family and friends. You do not need to dress up on a Friday evening to enjoy these games. They are available online, and you can play it on your smartphone or desktop. All it takes is proper research to find the best match your family will enjoy.

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